Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dope DOD Release review from 3VOOR12

June 26th was a great day for our local hip hop scene! The guys from Dope DOD had a EP Release party @ Simplon and the place was packed.  Dope DOD put down a great performance and also announced that they are gonna open for Limp Bizkit European tour starting the next day.
I had the chance to do my videoshow there. This was a great opportunity  for me to try out some new material.
This is what the website 3VOOR12 wrote about my show:

Before Dope D.O.D. arises, we are treated to a show of DJ Irie. Irie is not only DJ but also VJ . On a large screen the samples and tracks which he scratched  can be seen in real time. This gives a whole new dimension to the event. Another added dimension from  the hip hop dj is that he not only played, scratched and mixed Hip Hop Music. There were a lot of tracks from past from artists like The Police, Dire Straits and Rage Against the Machine. Cool piece of musical education by the quick hands of DJ Irie.

Here is the whole article (in Dutch only): 3VOOR12 Review

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