Friday, July 22, 2011

Dubspot Live Stream

Beginning Monday, July 25th Dubspot is excited to present a series of live streaming workshops from masters in the fields of production, VJing, drumming, and improvisation in Ableton Live. On July 29th, Dubspot’s Live Streaming Workshop Series will feature none other than Philadelphia’s genre-melting legend King Britt and his live album experimentations with Rucyl Mills and their project Saturn Never Sleeps. The first live streaming workshop will feature Percussivo Mundo Novo, a project led by percussion innovator Mikael Mutti, whose equally genre-busting infusions of Brazilian rhythms and music has led him to digital percussion wizardry that includes analog drums and video game controllers. On August 1st, all the way from Holland DJ Irie will demonstrate his use of Serato and Ableton Live for his work as a battle VJ and turntablist.

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