Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The birth of a new supercrew: Senses Overloaded

Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm very proud to announce our new crew: Senses Overloaded. The crew consists of 5 men: DJ Lamont, DJ Grazzhoppa, DJ Beat Butcher, DJ Cross and myself. With so much innovatite people and championship belts put together they're bound to take the world by storm!

Allow me to introduce them to you:

DJ Lamont:
Born in the USA (Detroit, Michigan) and grew up in Germany and Belgium. He now lives in Antwerp.
Lamont is known for his intricate DJ battles sets in the 90's and early 2000's . His sets were way ahead of it's time. He created 10 volumes of DJ tools that were sold the world over and were used by many (World) champion DJ's. H continues to innovate today by using Ableton Live as a loop recorder/drum machine in combination with turntables and several midi controllers. 
Lamont is the innitiator of the Senses Overloaded crew. In fact his last solo project carried the same name. 

DJ Grazzhoppa:
Grazzhoppa is a former Belgium DMC Champ (2001). His the founder of Grazzhoppa's Bigband. The world largest dj crew, performing with 12 dj's at the same time. Grazz is also known for his various releases and worldwide collaborations. 

Tony Beatbutcher:
Beatbutcher is one half of the Fader Penetrators crew. They are the 2010 IDA World Champions.
He's also part of the Antwerp Gipsy DJ Crew. Beatbutcher is known for his incredible pad drumming skills. His style is somewhere between Jeremy Ellis and David "The Finger" Haynes. Without a doubt one of the greatest to ever do it.

DJ Cross:
DJ Cross is the reigning 2011 IDA World Champion. The Antwerp DJ has been battling since 2003. You could find him on every battle in Europe including DMC, ITF, Hit The Decks and Beat4Battle.
He also was a DJ for various hip hop crews, one of them being 2000 Watt.

Deejay Irie:
I'm not going to introduce myself here, since it's my blog. If you want some information go the ABOUT section.

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