Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mixmove 2012 Video DJ Battle Champion

March 12 I went to Paris, France to compete in the first Video Dj battle. The battle was held during the Mixmove-Expo. And I'm glad to announce that I won that motherfucka!
I swore I wouldn't battle no more after doing so many DMC and ITF battles. However DJ Fabot, who is the belgium organizer of DMC, IDA and Beat4battle told me about this video dj battle and I figured entering this battle was a good opportunity to expose myself to a different audience and to network.
I ended up meeting two great guys; DJ Res-Q and his friend/manager Fe Le Yebi. We got along right away and already made great plans for the near future. Res-Q introduced to several people so that was very helpful and fun too. Besides that I also got to scratch on the new Rane 62 mixer, messed around with all the new dj controllers (wich by the way I hated) and met people from Serato, Mixvibe and a few other brands as well. I'm working on a behind the scenes video on my expo adventures.

For now I would like to show you my winning set:

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