Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Hectic Eclectic" Vol. 3 is in the making!

It's that time again. I'm releasing a new "Hectic Eclectic" mix. As usual I'm blending different
styles of tracks into one organic mix. Thanks to Labelbaas Schobbejak this year the mix will be
hosted again by www.thenewworck.com.
Release date is set to may 21st 2012.  I'm doing a life version of the mix the same day
sunday around 8PM CET on my Ustream channel.

In case you missed the previous 2 "Hectic Eclectic" mixes, my friends from Bruxelles
played both of them on their radioshow "Tales From The Crate" last week. Listen to it right here: http://talesfromthecrateradioshow.blogspot.com/2012/04/122-dj-irie-atone-haze.html

And now....back to recording...still got tons of scratches to record. Holla at ya boy!

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