Tuesday, October 9, 2012

3rd Place at the World Video DJ Battle Las Vegas

Last month I went to Las Vegas to attend the Video DJ Conference held in the Mandalay bay Hotel. There was also a video dj battle to see who is the best video dj in the world and I entered. The competition was tuff! With DMC champs like Etronik and DiniDJ Blaze who rocked it and an unexpected good set by Boogie B.
I had some unexpected technical difficulties at the beginning of my set, so I had to start over a couple of times. This resulted in a rather sloppy set but a 3rd place nevertheless. DJ Blaze got second and DJ Dini got first. Congratulations to both of them.

Joshua Carl (judge), Deejay Irie, DJ Crime(judge),
DJ Skribble (judge), DJ Dini, VDJ Blaze

Check out an impression of the sets, mine starts around 00:45:15 seconds:

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