Friday, August 16, 2013

Creature - Black Lagoon Radio

If you've ever been to New York and you dig hip hop you might have seen Creature somewhere down the streets selling his music. This guy is not only known for his great lyrics but also widely respected for his independent mentality leading him to sell over 40.000 cd's on the streets by himself. He even wrote a book about it: The Underdog's Manifesto. His musical interest extends from classic 90's boombap to heavy rock music that he displays with his band Rebelmatic. Now Creature and I teamed up to create his new mixtape called "Creature - Black Lagoon Radio". It's sort of the "best of" compilation mix that' just over 50 minutes and contains the very best work of New York's finest street hustler/mc. Creech worked with many talented people and legends such as MF Doom, X- Ecutioners, Prefuse 73, The Beatnuts, Just Ice and Nutso amongst other. They will all be featured in the upcoming mixtape. The mixtape and the separate tracks will be available on iTunes and hardcopy somewhere next month, so be on the look out.

Here's the intro of the mixtape:

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