Monday, October 21, 2013

South Africa

So one of my dreams came true. I finally went to South Africa and it was well worth it! The people are genuine nice and open, the music is great and the food even better.

The crew

We (ISH Company) stayed for 2 weeks in Johannesburg. The purpose of the trip was to make a show with local dance company Moving Into dance. South African superstar MC Zuluboy was so nice to let the ISH crew sleep in his house.

The theater show we created is called "I Feel Ya" and is specially designed for deaf people. You can imagine the challenge for a dj to make something that deaf people understand.
Luckly I'm into video dj'ing so I could come up with a nice solo:

Shoutout to my girl Andiswa Gebasha for her dope sign language skills!

My fellow Isher Abdel Abbaadhi and I are working on some behind the scene video's, so be on the look out for that.

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