Music [projects]

Super crew: Senses Overloaded
The crew consists of 7 men and is still growing. With so much innovative people and
championship belts put together we're bound to take the world by storm!

fltr. DJ Beat Butcher, DJ Irie, Blubvideo Junk, DJ Lamont, DJ Grazzhoppa, 
DJ Cross, DJ Odilon (not in picture)

Wolf Alley

My long time friend and hip hop producer El Pres and I were talking about mpc's, Jeremy Ellis, Araabmuzik, live performance etc. We both learned that day that we were fascinated by the whole fingerdrumming hype that seems to be happening at the moment. We agreed to make a live set once.

Not much later El Pres called asking to fill in for his DJ that couldn't make it to a gig he was suppost to do and I was quick to say yes. The gig was at a graffiti jam in Leeuwarden, Holland called Skrift 2012. He wanted to perform his EP Glenwood Hostel live, and so we did. For the set we used a Mpc1000, a Mpd24 with Ableton and Serato. 

After this gig we continued to work on the set and got ourselves a name: Wolf Alley.

Electric Barbarian

Irie worked with Electric Barbarian on multiple projects. Among these, last year he went on an Asian tour with EB for the second time where they got to play at the world famous Jarasum Jazz Festival in South Korea. In 2010 he toured with EB in China performing the show "The Ghost of Langston Hughes" [Co-turntablist was Lamont].

"The Ghost of Langston Hughes" started at the Groningen three day new jazz festival: "De Drie Dagen 2009". The band proceeds with Turntablism and Spoken Word. This time it’s The Ghost of Langston Hughes. Bassplayer and composer Floris Vermeulen adds a string quartet to beats and samples. The poems are reproduced by DJ Irie who uses the Serato software for scratching the original words recorded by the poet himself. Longtime Barbarian, versatile trumpetplayer Bart Maris again plays a startling role.
The texts and poems of Langston Hughes are exposed to some Barbaric treatments.

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