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Cross-over dansgezelschap ISH

Since 2006 Irie is working with cross-over theater group "ISH".

"Met een ongekende energie en drive brengt cross-over dansgezelschap ISH, onder leiding van artistiek leider Marco Gerris, streetskills en andere kunstvormen samen in unieke en dynamische voorstellingen. Naast de voorstellingen geeft ISH demo’s en workshops op festivals, scholen en bij bedrijven. ISH reist ook met educatietrajecten door binnen- en buitenland". 


Music Director - Arnout Lems / Artistic Director - Marco Gerris / Text - Dunya Khayame

This is the new show I'll be working on brought to you by Ish. We are doing our first Hip Hop Opera based on the work of Claudio Monteverdi. For this show Ish collaborates with opera group Vocaallab who is known for their experimental approach on opera. Furthermore we are working with dutch producer Perquisite (known from Pete Philly & Perquisite) he's gonna do part of the production, the other half will be mine.

Cast: excists of 4 operasingers, 4 b-boys, violin, cello, theorbe, percussion and dj.
Tour scheduled from 24 September till 3 December 2011. You can see the complete tour schedule HERE


Music - DJ Irie / Choreographer - Marco Gerris / Director - Wilko Bello

Hyperscape is a martial arts dance film. Trickers, breakers and free runners will go to the extreme to stop dancer Marco Gerris who has broken free. Is there any escape if freedom is an illusion?
Hyperscape is part of Point Taken. This project consists of four dance films for which Dutch choreographers and film makers joined to write a film plan. Four teams were selected to receive production funding.

Gravitish promo

Video - Samule Favier & Francois Cora

This is the show I'm working on at the moment called Gravitish.
Directed and Choreographed by Melissa Ellberger.
For more info and tourdates go to the official Balls website.


Herculish on national television

Welkom in Holland

Music & Video - DJ Irie

Herculish 12 Works

Visuals and Animation - Samuel Favier & Francois Cora / Music - DJ Irie

In this video all the animations and the concept was made by Samuel Favier
(the same one that made MMP's Welcome To My World) and his partner Francois Cora.


Music - DJ Irie & Spikey Spike

After a great tour last year my theatreshow called Herculish is gonna perform once more at the Lowlands festival. For me this is a dream come true. I visited the festival a couple of times and it's huge! Not to mention the absolute madness! So if you're attending Lowlands, try to catch us in the theatre stage.

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